Short-Term Applications for Permits

Short-Term Rental applications for permits are currently accepted for dwellings located in the Mountain and Desert areas of San Bernardino County. Short-term rentals are for 30 days or less and much are subject to the County ordinances.


  1. Register and log in
  2. Create and submit an application

Application Review/Processing

  • Staff reviews application for applicability and completeness (Average Time: 1 week)
  • When complete: staff assigns appropriate fees and sends email to applicant
  • Applicant pays fees
  • Staff prepares and mails surrounding property owner notification when required.
  • Staff prepares application for an exterior inspection.

Property Inspection

  • Exterior inspection completed
  • If inspection passes – Assigned to Permitting Staff
  • If inspection does not pass – Applicant notified by mail and email of required corrections. Opportunity to obtain corrections within 30 days if minor corrections are required but not okay to rent. Some violations may result in immediate denial of an application.
  • When compliance requirements are met, application is assigned to Permitting Staff

Processing Time

  • New Applications – there are two mandatory Notification waiting periods. (84.28.050(b))
    • Project Notice: Surrounding property owners shall be given 20 calendar days to submit comments after the date of said notice.
    • Permit Issuance Notice: Surrounding property owners shall be notified that a permit was issued including the applicable appeal provision. STR permit will be issued the first business day following a 30-day appeal period identified.
  • Renewal Applications – Owner/Operator may continue to operate while going through the renewal process, provided that the dwelling unit has no outstanding violations.

Permit Notification

  • Applicant notified by email of permit, Conditions of Operation, and Good Neighbor Brochure which are saved to permit record.
  • Applicant downloads permit and documents

*Processing time may vary depending on the volume of applications*

“How-To” Videos

The “How-To” Videos are helpful to review prior to submitting your Short Term Rental application via the EZ Online Permitting System.

Helpful EZOP “How-To” Videos

  • Registration and Login (2:47)
  • I Forgot My Password (0:47)
  • Upload and Download Attachments (3:37)
  • Make A One Time Payment (2:29)
  • How to Make an Online Inspection via EZ Online Permitting (1:45)

Below you will find the Short-Term Rental Ordinance and Forms that you will be required to submit when applying for a Short-Term Rental Permit.


Short Term Rental Information

Type Name Category
pdf NEW Short-Term Rental Program Operational Standards Guide Short Term Rental Information
pdf Guide for Short-Term Rental Owners and Operators Short Term Rental Information
pdf Good Neighbor Brochure Short Term Rental Information
pdf Notification Requirement Short Term Rental Information

Online Application Forms

Type Name Category
pdf Owner Acknowledgement and Safety Requirements EZOP Online Application Attachments
pdf Renewal Acknowledgement Form EZOP Online Application Attachments
pdf Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Form EZOP Online Application Attachments
pdf Plot Plan Example EZOP Online Application Attachments
pdf Property Manager Change Request EZOP Online Application Attachments

Application FAQs

Getting Started

Apply for your STR permit via the EZ Online Permitting (EZOP) website:

An Application Tutorial video is available on Getting Started page.

Please visit Getting Started for our Short-Term Rental Application process.

No. New ownership must be verified by a recorded grant deed through County records. If staff are unable to verify ownership, verification of ownership will be requested.

Effective July 1, 2024

NEW Application – $1,135

  • Application Fee – $600
  • Permit Fee – $285
  • Surrounding Property Owner Notification Fee – $250

RENEWAL Application with changes – $1,135

  • Application Fee – $600
  • Permit Fee – $285
  • Surrounding Property Owner Notification Fee – $250

RENEWAL application with no changes – $550

  • Application Fee – $550

Note: A $150 one-time credit for the installation of an outdoor noise monitoring device. Verification of outdoor noise monitoring device is required with application submittal.

*Fees subject to change*


Yes, the permit and Good Neighbor brochure must be posted in a visible location within the STR unit at all times.

A notification will be emailed when your application is ready for payment. At this time, you may log into your EZOP account and pay online. You may also contact us and pay over the phone.

*Please note – There is a convenience fee for all debit/credit card transactions*

Guide for Short-Term Rental Owners & Operators

Once you have obtained your short-term renter permit, we want to help you ensure your business is successful and your investment is protected,. Thus, we have put together a guide to help you and your tenants navigate this process so that it’s fun and relaxing for them and safe and sustainable.

Information for Short-Term Renters

Thank you for choosing to vacation in San Bernardino County. We want you to have the best experience possible so you’ll come back to visit us again soon. This brochure contains some tips on how to avoid some of the common complaints we get about short-term rentals. The number one rule to remember is being a vacation home renter also means being a good neighbor.