What is a Short-Term Rental?

A short-term residential rental unit is a residential dwelling unit or portion thereof rented or otherwise used for residential transient occupancy, as defined in § 14.0203. Short-term rentals are only allowed in the Mountain and Desert Regions. A short-term residential rental unit shall not be used for any commercial activity, which includes but is not limited to weddings, wedding receptions, corporate retreats, business meetings or conferences, filming photography shoots, a fraternity party, or any other similar gathering, unless regulated under an approved County-issued permit. Transient occupancy generally means occupancy for 30 consecutive calendar days or less.

Short-term residential rental unit permit is required. The permits are issued by Code Enforcement.

Some Short-Term Rental Restrictions:

  • Limitation of occupants.
  • The owner/manager must provide a 24 hour phone number for complaint resolution.
  • Compliance with relevant Fire, Building, Zoning and Health and Safety Codes.

Structures allowed as short-term rentals

  • checkedA single family dwelling
  • checkedDuplex
  • checkedA room in a dwelling
  • checkedGuest house
  • checkedCondominiums
  • checkedSome accessory dwelling units (ADU)

Structures not allowed

  • crossedMulti-family structures (apartments)
  • crossedYurts
  • crossedTravel trailers
  • crossedRVs