$150 fee credit at time of application or renewal by installing Outdoor Monitoring System

On June 28, 2022, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors approved a one-time $150 fee credit for Short Term Rental owners who purchase an approved outdoor sound monitoring system.  This fee credit is applied at time of application or renewal for your short term rental property. This program is effective July 28, 2022

It is unlawful for any owner, renter, occupant, or guest located at a STR to make or allow to be made, any loud, excessive, or intrusive noise that disturbs the peace or that causes discomfort or annoyance to any reasonable person of normal sensitivities in the area. Such noises may include, but are not limited to, shouting, loud laughter, whistling, singing, playing a musical instrument, playing loud music or noise from sound making or sound amplifying devices, and barking dogs. § 84.28.070(h)

Remember, it is not the responsibility of the neighbors to monitor short term rental properties for compliance. BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. This is a great way for owners and property managers to proactively monitor their properties remotely to maintain the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood. The approved systems are easy to install and can be set-up in less than 30 minutes.

The system will alert owners/property managers via text when the noise level is exceeding the limit that may cause a neighbor to be disturbed. Considering the cost of one noise violation, why wait?

4 steps to get your $150 fee credit

  1. Purchase Outdoor Monitoring System: Purchase and install one of these approved systems.  Additional vendors will be added to the list as their product offering expands. You must purchase at least outdoor noise monitor.
  2. Permit Application: At time of your initial application, simply upload a copy of your paid receipt for an approved sound monitoring system and a screen shot of your Noise Monitoring Dashboard.
  3. Permit Renewal: Prior to expiration of your license, you will be notified via our EZ Online Permitting system to renew your license online. Simply upload a copy of your paid receipt for an approved sound monitoring system and a screen shot of your Noise Monitoring Dashboard during the online renewal process.
  4. Inspection of Outdoor Monitoring System: An inspection of the installed monitoring system is required prior to the issuance of the fee credit.