About Short-Term Rentals

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the Board of Supervisors passed an Interim Urgency Ordinance that prohibits the issuance of new STR permits for 45 days (6/14 through 7/29). However, the Interim Urgency Ordinance provides two exceptions:

  1. Renewal permits will be issued during this interim period; and
  2. New STR permits will be issued for applications that were submitted before the effective date of the Interim Urgency Ordinance (6/14/22).

All applications submitted after the adoption of the Interim Urgency Ordinance and during the effective period will still be accepted and processed but no permit will be issued.


Short-Term private home rental permits are required for private homes, located in the mountain and desert area, that are rented for periods of thirty days or less. Permits are required to ensure specific standards are met. Some of the requirements include:

  • Limitation of occupants and vehicles.
  • The owner/manager must provide a 24 hour phone number for complaint resolution.
  • Compliance with relevant Fire, Building, Zoning and Health and Safety Codes.

Short-Term Rental Reports

View the statistics for short-term rental related complaints separated by region.

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Where are the STRs near me?

View the short-term rental properties map to explore properties registered as short-term rentals. You may use search box to enter a particular address you would like to verify as a short-term rental.

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