Parking spaces are not limited to a specific number as long as vehicles associated with the Short-Term Rental (STR) are parked entirely on the property without obstructing roads or public right-of-way. On-street parking associated with STR’s is prohibited.

The registered owner must email from the same email on file. Please include address, permit number, and effective date.

Upon the approval of a Short-Term Rental Permit, a notice is mailed to all potentially affected property owners with information specific to the property. Alternatively, you may use our interactive map to view all permitted Short-Term Rentals within San Bernardino County: Short Term Rental Map (

Yes. Upon the approval of a Short-Term Rental Permit, a notice with details of the approval will be mailed to all potentially affected property owners. Property owners must file the appeal within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of the notice.


Operating a STR without a valid STR Permit within the County of San Bernardino will result in an Administrative fine of $1000 per violation per day, or by imprisonment in the County jail for a period of not more than six months, or by both such base fine and imprisonment.

Please review ordinance for occupancy limits: Short Term Rental Ordinance

A Notice of Violation or Administrative citations will be issued and/or the potential for modifications, suspension, or revocation of the STR permit. Administrative Citation fines are:

First Conviction:          $1000

Second Conviction:     $2000

Third Conviction:         $5000

Upon any changes, such as a change of property agent or management or any other change pertaining to the information provided in the STR application, the owner or owner’s authorized agent or representative shall provide current information on form Property-Manager-Change-Request and submit to

Failure to update this information may result in a violation of this chapter, including but not limited to, a suspension or revocation of a STR permit, until all information is updated.

You are only allowed to advertise up to the County approved number of occupancy and on-site parking.

No. A new owner must submit a new application.


A Short-Term Rental Permit for an alternative shelter such as a travel trailer, RV, tent, yurt, or recreation cabin cannot be issued at this time.

No. A separate permit must be obtained for each parcel intended for STR operation. If applicable, each separate legal dwelling unit requires a separate STR permit.

A STR permit is valid for one (1) year and will need to be renewed annually. Renewal payments submitted after permit expiration date are subject to a delinquent fee. Failure to submit your renewal payment within 45 days of permit expiration, including any delinquent fee, will result in the closure of the Short-Term Rental Permit.

For information on Transient Occupancy Tax, please visit the County of San Bernardino Tax Collector’s website: County of San Bernardino » Treasurer-Tax Collector (

A Short-Term Rental Permit will be required for the advertising and the rental use of a STR unit in unincorporated desert and mountain regions of San Bernardino County.

A residential dwelling unit or portion thereof rented or otherwise used for residential transient occupancy. Transient occupancy generally means occupancy for 30 consecutive calendar days or less. The rental can be for the entire home, accessory dwellings, or limited to one or more rooms. Individual units, such as an apartment, located within a multi-family residential project, is not eligible for a short-term rental permit.